Greenland Ski Tour 2015
April 2018

Ski the stunning arctic beauty of central west Greenland

Expedition Overview

Join Ice Axe Expeditions to explore the vast snowscapes of central west Greenland while contributing to the support of local Greenlandic youth. Snowmobile across the polar tundra to access the virtually untouched, remote wilderness park of Igloo Mountain and then finish your stay traveling via boat to unchartered alpine peaks. Ski steep couloirs rising straight from the flat glaciers, ascend 1500m peaks, and tour beautiful, moderate, glacially carved bowls; use the 20 hours of daylight to experience some of the most thrilling ski touring on the planet while surrounded by unimaginable Arctic beauty.

Minimum of 4 clients.

Cost $5,500 per person
Date April 2018
Duration 9 days

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Greenland Ski Tour 2018

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