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Adventure to the rugged mountains of the East Fjords, where dramatic tales of dragons loom large.

Expedition Overview

Heimskringla, the story of the Norse Kings tells the tale of Harald Bluetooth’s attempt to subjugate the proud Icelanders and rule them as part of his kingdom. Harald had a wizard send his spirit in the form of a whale to attack the mountainous coast of the East Fjords, but as he approached, a giant Dragon, the protector of the east attacked and the wizard was driven back to the sea.

Dragons are easily imagined when traveling through the rugged mountains of the East Fjords. The landscape consists of jagged snow covered peaks and deep blue fjords. This unspoiled skiers paradise is also home to half a dozen fishing villages and a thriving farming community. Each fjord and town is steeped in rich history as for centuries the East Fjords were the first place that ships from Europe made landfall after the perilous crossing of the Atlantic.

Based at the comfortable and charming Mjóeyri Lodge in the picturesque Eskifjord, we will explore the surrounding mountains and passes. Each day we will drive a short distance from one fjord to another to access the best ski touring areas. We return to our cozy lodge in the afternoons for a dip into the beach side hot tub and some ocean swimming for the brave at heart. Dinners are served in the Randulffs Seahouse Museum, a 127 year old fisherman’s store house built into the fjord. This unique experience of dining in a museum, in what is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in Iceland is a large part of the allure of this ski touring adventure. Here you will feast on local delicacies such as fresh fish, reindeer, pickled herring and the world famous Greenland shark.

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Duration 7 days
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Land of Dragons

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