North Pole
Last Degree
Spring 2013
North Pole
Last Degree
Spring 2013
Spring 2013

Join veteran polar explorer Doug Stoup on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure to the Geographic North Pole.

Expedition Overview

We will use Svalbard as our departure point just as Amundsen, André and Byrd did before us for our attempt to ski to the Geographic North Pole. We depart from Longyearbyen on an Antonov 74 and travel 600 miles to Ice Station Barneo. We then travel via MI-8 Helicopter to one degree (70 miles out) from the Geographic North Pole. Depending on daily ice-drift, we’ll ski and camp for approximately a week on the top of the world.

Cost 34,900 Euros. All prices are per person.
Date Spring 2013
Duration 14 days
Capacity 10
Reservations Use Contact Form or call us at +1-530-582-1246

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North Pole Last Degree 2013

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