Expedition Overview

This ten-day expedition to the rugged Central High Atlas Mountains of Morocco treats you to
the best skiing on the continent of Africa. You will have six days (weather permitting) of backcountry skiing in
spectacular alpine locales in addition to the opportunity to explore the country’s rich and exotic
history and culture. The skiing consists of various objectives (from 600m to1200m descents)
including a summit and descent of Jbel M’goun (4071m; 13,356ft), the second highest peak in
North Africa, Jbel Oumsoud (3883m), Jbel Tarkeddit (3650m), and Jbel Azourki (3677m).

Morocco is a land of inspiration, exoticism, awe-inspiring scenery, grand architecture and graciously
hospitable people. For centuries it has been a muse for explorers, famed artists, writers and designers
such as William Thesiger, Eugene Delacroix, Henri Matisse, Paul Bowles, William Burroughs and
Jacques Majorelle. Few places in the world will overwhelm your senses with contrasts as intense
as Morocco’s sharp white sun against towering golden limestone cliffs; expansive vistas of palm
trees framed in 4000 meter high snow-capped peaks; slow-cooked dishes bursting with the flavor of
preserved lemons, green olives and cumin; robed and hooded nomads traversing the desert alongside
masses of camels, sheep, and goats; and narrow, winding medieval streets bustling with merchants,
artisans, storytellers and snake charmers.

Come be guided far from the trodden tourist circuit, deep into the heart of Morocco. You will be
challenged and exhilarated during your climbs and descents of Jbel M’goun, Oumsoud, Tarkeddit and
Azourki. Immerse yourself in an unforgettable culture and inspirational journey.

Cost $5200
Date Feb 21 - Mar 3, 2013
Duration 10 days
Capacity TBA
Reservations Use Contact Form or call us at +1-530-582-1246

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Ski Morocco 2013

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