Final Preparations

Expeditions, Two Feet on the Table — By on April 12, 2009 at 12:40 am
Preparation of sleds at the airport hanger

Preparation of sleds at the airport hanger

It was great to have the team together to go over our gear and last minute adjustments. Spirits are high and we are all filled with anticipation about what great things the expedition will bring.

Two Feet Group Photo


  • Thurier Fanfan says:

    Ramène nous une boule de neige! gros bizoux margotte!!

  • Guy Cribb says:

    Why are you all trying to look like Maurice? And who’s bright idea was it to slow George down by making him walk all the way to the North Pole with his legs wrapped in three car tyres (see photo)?

  • Cathy, Marie-Rose, says:

    bonne glisse…, avons passé une bonne journée, un bon repas avec les Le Bris (Marie-Rose), t’embrasse…alors la température ? – combien ? et la nourriture ? Bisous (Cathy)

  • Thurier Fanfan says:

    Who is Maurice and Georges on the picture?? please try to speak french i don’t understant the english! thanks