John Wilcox

Testimonials Antarctica — By on May 29, 2010 at 12:23 pm

I was thrilled to be a participant in the Ice Axe 2009 Antarctic Ski Expedition.  It was the adventure of a lifetime for me!  The folks at Ice Axe did a fabulous job organizing and executing an incredibly complex expedition.  There was excellence in the performance of the guides, the cruise staff and the ship’s crew, and safety was always an important component.  An unexpected bonus was that I was very surprised and thrilled by the beauty of the mountains, the ice, the wildlife, the sunsets.  I checked Antarctic cruise prices for comparable cruises, and the Ice Axe trip was significantly less costly than others I saw.  Finally, the enjoyment of the trip was hugely enhanced by the spirit and positive attitude of the participants themselves–the whole experience was twice as fun because of who we were with!

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