Amazon River Cruise Itinerary 2013


Day 1 We will meet you all at the airport and take you to the M/V Victoria Regia. Most Brazilian domestic connecting flights arrive Manaus International Airport between 12:00pm-2:00pm. We will sail to sail to the wedding of waters, a the spectacular view where the black (Rio Negro) and white water (the Amazon) meet— Guinness meets Bass. We will stay in the lake overnight and explore the area after dinner.
Day 2 Enjoy an early morning visit to the lake shore to see animals wake up and see giant queen lily pads (Victoria amazonica). We will spend the day exploring the Amazon River, lakes and streams in wooden canoes. Sun, rain and bugs are common in the “white” water rivers, due to higher nutrient in the water. We will also do piranha fishing and see who gets whom first. Fishing for Peacock Bass. We
will then sail to a lake and explore lake and night life after dinner.
Day 3 Early morning tours of the Várzea Lake, visit local village. Then we will travel back to Manaus to sail up the Rio Negro. Fishing for Peacock Bass.
Day 4-5 Exploring waterfalls and rapids in Rio Cueiras and Igarape Atuia; penetrating lower reaches of the Rio Branco. Visit the Big Tree Island to enjoy the hidden beauty of the jungle, streams and beaches. Fishing for Peacock Bass.
Day 6 Arrive in Barcelos, ornamental fish capital of the Rio Negro. Visit a local village and join a local beach party.
Day 7 Attend the unforgettable Barcelos Fish Festival. Live music, dancing and local, authentic cuisine.
Day 8 We will wake up at the mouth of the Igrape Zamula. This will be a day of adventure for those who like to get wet. Our research team will be trawling in the channel and later a soccer match with the crew and an evening beach party. Fishing for Peacock Bass.
Day 9 We will head back down the Rio Negro on a different side to visit more beautiful streams, waterfalls, and a local village. In Novo Airao, we will have a chance to swim with the pink dolphins and purchase nice wood carvings from local boat builders. Fishing for Peacock Bass.
Day 10 We will return to Manus in the morning visit local fish market and Opera house. Enjoy an afternoon walk and Brazilian BBQ lunch. Visit a small fish farm and enjoy a final party that night.
Day 11 Last minute shopping and return home.

Itinerary Disclaimer

There is also a side trip to a Jungle Lodge that can be added on at an additional charge. This would include visiting a monkey hospital, turtle rescue area, indigenous people, and a night time jungle hike. Please let us know of your interest in adding this on to your trip. There are 2, 3, & 4 day packages being offered.