North Pole Last Degree Itinerary 2013


Day 1 Arrive in Longyearbyen
Day 2 Preparation for expedition
Day 3 Departure from Longyearbyen; Arrival Barneo camp
Days 3-10 Start skiing from Barneo or 89N; Ski to the pole!
Day 10 Potential arrival North Pole. Return flight to Barneo
Day 11 Depart Barneo for Longyearbyen. Arrival, Longyearbyen. Celebration dinner.
Day 12 Return to home destinations

Itinerary Disclaimer

  • Flexibility is a must for all Arctic travel. This program is subject to change throughout the journey depending on ice, weather and local conditions.
  • Should a member of the team be unable to complete the expedition once it has started due to medical reasons or otherwise, all logistics fees become the responsibility of the client or their assigned insurance provider.