South Pole 100 (2011)

South Pole 100 Expedition - Ice Axe Expeditions 2011

South Pole 100 is an expedition to complete the unfinished journey of Ernest Shackleton's 1909 route to the Pole. Polar Guide Doug Stoup will guide the team 112 statute miles to the Geographic South Pole. The aim of the expedition is to arrive on the 14th of December 2011, the 100th anniversary of Roald Amundsen’s arrival. Amundsen was first person ever recorded to reach the South Pole; he and his party arrived on December 14, 1911.

Having successfully guided this team to the North Pole in the spring of 2009 (Two Feet on the Table - North Pole - 2009) Doug Stoup now aims to lead this strong expedition team to the South Pole—thus achieving the ultimate goal of walking to both poles, an accomplishment made only by an exclusive group of less than 100 people ever.

Ice Axe Expeditions North Pole 2009

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  • Aimee says:

    I’m so impressed with how well you’re all doing, keep going and look after each other!

    Missing you lots Sam, thinking of you all the time…maybe walk a little bit faster?!!
    Lots of Love Aimee x

  • Maurice and Diane says:

    Hi to Jim, Sam, George and all the team

    Pleased to hear that you are making good progress towards the Pole We enjoy listening to your audio updates as we sit in front of a nice warm log fire and imagine you wish you had one too!

    Keep up the good work

    Maurice and Diane

  • Matilde says:

    Hello, boy & girl.
    Good luck for expedition and congratulations al team!
    Love a lot xxx
    Matilde f rom italy

  • Hélène et Philippe says:

    Bonjour Jeannot

    Encouragements de Maurienne à toi et tes coéquipiers

    Fais de belles photos de cette expédition hors du commun


  • Marie-Odile & Michel says:

    Hello Henri,
    Espérons que tout va bien pour toute l’équipe et que toi et Jeannot vivez une super aventure.
    Puisque tu seras un privilégié, tu pourras nous expliquer les différences avec le Pôle Nord.

    Pensons très fort à toi.

    MO et Michel

  • Effie Tim the girls and Will says:

    I have been with you all the way as i know you have been with me. We have all been on a bit of a journey recently that tests not only our physical strength but our emotional resolve as well. I get stronger everyday because i am a fighter as i know you all are to. Your challenge is to reach the south pole and mine is to beat cancer. Both are do-able with focus, determination, stamina and resolve. Be strong, we will all have stories to tell at Christmas.

    Love Aunty xx

  • Jim & Judy says:

    Exciting times.Sorry to hear about Adam, but we gather now that all is reasonably well.
    Rotten luck on the binding, but clearly the team is gathering round and sorting it.
    Have a good glass of cold champagne at the pole – preferably at the expense of the Norwegian freeloaders who are flying in first class for that very purpose.
    Looking forward to seeing you home. We are off to see Jess and the smalls tonight for the first time for a month.
    Good luck to you all.
    All our love,
    M & D

  • arcangelo laura julia matilde says:

    Hii guys. wi are very admirated for your courage and strong resistence (excepted two flying girls). Congratulations to new explorers and good luck to everyone. A lot of love. A.L.J.M.

  • Brigitte says:

    Jeannot Henri
    Merci Henri de donner des nouvelles en français, espère en avoir d’autres, les amis me demandent souvent. Pense très fort à vous.
    Pleins de bisous à Jeannot,il me manque beaucoup.


  • MATILDE says:


  • Guy Cribb says:

    Go gang go!!!!!! Unreal. Good to hear your voice Jim. Have to say I’ve heard you a bit more cheerful after a cold beer in Sardinia but no doubt December 13th will bring an elation that very few have ever achieved. Well done all of you. Immense! Next stop the moon…. Amazing achievements, as usual! Guy

  • Lindy says:

    You are an inspiration to us mortals …. Good luck on your final push to the South Pole … Alessia and Laura stay warm and watch the champagne corks don’t explode in the night!
    Thinking of you all …
    Lots of love
    Lindy xxxx

  • tommaso says:

    hi Alessia and Laura, congratulations for joining the South Pole, We hope all the others join you soon so you don’t have to wait for a long time freezing. Come on guys join the girls quickly!! baci Tommaso e Silvia

  • Francesco e Massimo says:

    Dear Laura,
    I am sure you remember me. But surely you remember Francesco Who is my son. You remember he is very fond and interested of animals. He use d to’ get insects and spider. Now, he is nineteen years old and he is studying phisics at the university. Be’ careful with the pinguins!!!! Don t be’ in confidence with them. I m joking. hippy to’ be’ in in touch with you . Ciao Massimo

  • Jonny Ginns says:

    Very excited for you all, well done everyone! What an amazing adventure and experience. My only worry is, as the finish line beckons, what exactly you have been planning for the next challenge – where does one go from here?!

    p.s. you’d best not clink the champagne glasses, they’d probably shatter in that temperature!

  • Nick & Verity says:


    Well done. Congratulations. Now you can stay at home!

    Love Nick and Verity

  • Maurice and Diane says:

    Well done to all the team – enjoy the celebration party

    Maurice and Diane

  • Dominique says:

    I will only say one word: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jane says:

    Well done everyone on reaching the South Pole. I look forward to seing the photos of you all with your big grins and with champagne. Truly a fantastic achievement.

  • Richard says:

    Well done to all of you in the South Pole 100 team! A herculean effort that was not without its drama. Your postings each day have been gripping and have been essential listening to many of us first thing each morning. Thanks for sharing the experience. Enjoy the party at the pole, say hello to the Prime Minister for us at INEOS and have a safe journey home.

  • jean-daniel says:

    Great news that the team arrives at the pole,…enjoy what is certainly an amazing feeling.
    Champagne should have a great and special taste !! 😉

    Félicitations a tous pour votre abnégation !


  • Matilde says:

    Whaoooo. Wonderfull ,congratulations at team!
    Now , have a nice holidays ….Relax….at south pole..!
    X x x Matilde

  • JOHN & JOAN says:

    Many congratulations on a fantastic achievement. Can’t wait to hear the stories! We’ll save you some xmas pud next week. Safe journey back.

  • Antie Pasti says:

    Congratulations everyone. How weird to be under the world yet feeling on top of it! Well done.


  • Alex (chef) Aitken says:


    Do you need a celebration dinner cooking???????????

  • Tommaso says:

    So finally you got it! Congratulations and see you soon to listen about your wonderful experience!
    Tommaso & Silvia

  • Robin and judy says:

    Amazing achievement, congratulations to all the team. Looking forward to seeing the movie and raising a glass to you.
    Pleased to think that next years expedition might be slightly warmer!!
    Best wishes all all
    Robin and Judy

  • nicole says:

    congrats, great storys, i wouls to travel

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