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  • Paul Reitz says:

    Best of luck on your trip to the North Pole as we celebrate the 100th Anniversary of this very special event. we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers for a good voyage and safe return.
    Paul Reitz
    Secretary of Kane Lodge #454, New York City

  • George says:

    That badge represents 4 countries , but it represents something else, you……

  • Barry Scott says:

    Best wishes & safe travel Doug & Michael & continued success to Macmillan Cancer Support. Peary & Henson would be proud and amazed. From all of us warmly watching from the Elisha Kent Kane Historical Society and Kane Lodge No. 454, three cheers and godspeed!

  • Steve Winlow says:

    Keep going mate. Hope I was of help a little bit at Stavanger airport and hopefully settled your nerves a little. I’m following you steps and wishing you well. If you make it back to Stavanger to fly home on the 13th mate, I’ll be staying in the Airport hotel (I’ll be in off the chopper at about 9pm) – the £9 pints of lager will be on me. I very proud of you mate, as is all your friends and most definetly your family. I’m sure Ronnie’s chest would have been jutting out a mile – one son and Arctic explorer and the other (still)’the best kicker in the club’ . Goood luck.


  • Mam says:

    Keep going Michael and Doug. We are all thinking of you and following your news. Just keep thinking how wonderful it will be when you get there. Love Mam x

  • Mam says:

    Keep up the good progress fellas. Hope your enjoyingt the experience.
    David and Amanda

  • Mick says:

    Hope you are going well Michael.

    Speak to you soon buddy.

    Mick x

  • Dominique Huon says:

    Glad you are doing good progress and have managed to see some local fauna! I’m sure you’ll make the North pole in no time! Keep the spirit up!
    From one of the french guy you met at Marie Ann Polarigg in Longyearbien the day before your departure.

  • Brian Douds snr says:

    Everything is OK back here. Enjoy the experience, keep focused and good luck with the sponsorship. I’ve been monitoring your progress daily.
    Michael be sure to bring that broken ski pole back, I have an idea!

  • Petter Nyquist says:

    Hey Doug,
    Just wanted to give you a warm greeting from Kathmandu. All is good and probably a little bit warmer than where you are…
    All the best to you buddy!
    Petter Nyquist

  • Emma Pattison says:

    Good luck for the last few days. Watch out for the Polar Bears, I saw one at Edinburgh Zoo at the weekend and it was HUGE!!!

  • Kate & Gary says:

    We have been following your progress everyday and We want to wish you well for tomorrow, keep focused and remember seals are considerably smaller than polar bears, We are so proud of you xx

  • David and Amanda says:

    Evening Fellas. Great to hear your progressing so well. Just wanted to wish you all the very best for the big push (or pull?)tomorrow. Enjoy hitting the finish line.

  • Rob & Wendy says:

    been following your progress all week

    you should have arrived by the time you see this

    your dad would be proud of you

  • bruno says:

    Well done Mr Incredible….While you’re there can you pick me up a 99 and an orange mivi…..thanks!! xx

  • neil and rose mayne says:

    congratulations for your amazing trip and effort for macmillen nurses. the care they gave your father made you want to do something extraordinary ,which you have just done.
    we wish you a safe return and hope that dorcas has your slippers ready.
    Neil and Rose [Rome,rugby]

  • Brian Douds snr says:

    Congratulations Doug and Michael, well done the two you on reaching the pole. Another successful venture, celebrate and have a safe journey home.

  • Fred Losani says:

    Doug and Team

    Wishing you great weather and safe travels. Well done on the charitable i

  • Fred Losani says:

    Doug and Michael


    Have a Stella on me at the Barents Pub


    Fred Losani

  • M&D says:

    Wello done Fred, if you took Delilah keep her wARM AND BRING HER BACK SAFE

  • Pascal corps humain says:

    Hello ewerybody

    You are living a wonderful experiment. These pictures are very beautiful. Good luck to your team and especially to Jean Joly adventurer from big station of Hery.
    Have a safe trip

  • Gary says:

    Hope all is going well – heard that George was little under weather before you set off but sure he will shake this off. Fingers crossed that weather is kind to you. G.

  • David Muir says:

    Great to meet you at the North Pole, Michael. Congratulations on a fantastic achievement for a great cause. Hope to meet up again, and thanks for those mints! David & Fraser

  • St. Johns 2nd grade class says:

    Hello Doug and Team!

    We think we missed your call but we are following the expedition and are excited to make contact with you. We have a microsoft webcam set up in case we have a chance to re-schedule. Stay safe!!!!

  • Jim Stoup says:

    Congrats to the entire team. Completion way ahead of schedule. You are the champions.

  • Josh Carey says:


    hope it is going well i want to no when you
    are getting home
    see you
    josh xxxxxx

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