Blue Skies and Sun Greet Us at the North Pole

Expeditions, True North — By on April 8, 2009 at 1:55 pm

We made it!

It is a beautiful day here at the pole. Although still quite cold, our accomplishment is keeping us warm. We will stay the night here and be picked up tomorrow for a flight back to Ice Camp Barneo.

North Pole

Audio Dispatch from Michael Mitten from the North Pole:

Audio Dispatch From Doug Stoup at the North Pole:

Position:              90 North

Temp:                   -30C

Distance skied:  to the Pole!


  • Kev says:

    Amazing work Michael, congratulations!

  • Dave Budd says:

    Awesome mate. You’re a total legend. Come home safe, there’s massacring to be done….

  • James and Hann says:

    Well done fella – amazing accomplishment! Pictures and updates have been great. Can’t wait to come up to the Toon and hear more about it. Congrats and see you soon

  • Terry Morien says:

    Sorry I missed the final moments I have been on holiday however not somwhere where my eyes freeze shut.
    Just wanted to say well done, I knew you wouldn’t fail and so did you; that’s why you suceeded.
    You have my utmost respect and admiration. I now benefit from a feeling of real pride in actually knowing you. Not everyone can say I worked with a guy who went to the North Pole for the benefit of others but I can.
    Feel proud of yourself and start planning another challenge.
    Terry Morien