Bad Weather Delays Again

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Hey everyone,

We have been delayed another day and are hoping to depart Thursday April 15th at 9am (+1 GMT). Our fingers are crossed that weather clears at Barneo but we made the best of it by renting some snowmobiles today and traveled 100km  to the Tempelfjord to the Noorderlicht floating hotel and glacier.

We witnessed some reindeer, ring seals sunning themselves on the ice. It was an amazing day in Longyearbyen, while 600 miles away it is blowing snow, no visibility and high winds at Barneo Ice Station.  Temps were around 20F and near 0F at the pole. We are making the best of our delay but the team is very eager to start the expedition and get to the ice. Keep your fingers crossed!

~ Doug Stoup

Trek for Peace Expedition Leader


Doug & Dennis in front of the glacier at Tempelfjord

Doug & Dennis in front of the glacier at Tempelfjord


Doug, Jack & Dennis in front of the Noorderlicht floating hotel

The team out on snowmobiles

The team out on snowmobiles




Noorderlicht floating hotel


  • Simon Kelton says:

    Hi Jack and Doug,

    We’re thinking of you all and wishing you the very best of luck! I’m off to Valdez on Saturday with Tom Zuccareno and Kiffor Berg for some heli-skiing and may fly up to Barrow, where Lynette Howell is shooting a movie. Love the idea us all being in the Arctic Circle at the same time even if on different sides!

    Have a great trek!!

    Simon, Heather and Jasper

  • Gary Shapiro says:

    Enjoy the trek and stay away from active Icelandic volcanoes and soot!

  • sunny goode says:

    Looks Amazing ! Best of luck with the weather!

  • Bob Barboza says:

    We are thinking about you. I can’t wait to hear all of the news. Kids Talk Radio is saving a spot for you. Send some news.