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doug in coatFor more than 10 years, Doug Stoup has been guiding teams across the frozen Arctic Ocean and Antarctica. From numerous ‘Last Degree‘ treks to his most recent 660-mile epic journey to the South Pole.

Doug has received media coverage from CNN, BBC and Time Magazine to Sports Illustrated Adventure and National Geographic Traveler. He was also featured in Warren Miller’s film, STORM.

Unique to Doug’s ICE AXE Expeditions are daily audio and video coverage via satellite. Family, friends, schools and sponsors can all follow the team’s progress over internet; and on many adventures, even interact through email questions and call-ins.

If you would like to join Doug on an expedition, contact us.

Last Degree to the North Pole

From Longyearbyen to the ‘drifting’ Arctic Ice Station Barneo to one degree out from the Geographic North Pole. Ski and camp on the top of the world, or fly-in (direct) for a one day excursion to the North Pole.

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Now more than ever…

Recent climate studies show evidence of warmer temperatures and sustained ice melt in the Arctic. Perhaps in the not-so-distant future, the days of skiing to the North Pole will be a thing of the past.

NOAA Arctic Report Card | NP webcam

Last Degree to the South Pole and Vinson Massif

Travel from Punta Arenas, Chile to Patriot Hills, a basecamp in the Antarctic Interior. Ski the last degree and camp at the bottom of the world, or fly-in (direct) for a one day excursion to the South Pole.

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Amazon Expedition-Ice Axe Foundation

Explore the Brazilian Amazon with the Ice Axe Foundation’s Education program. Leave from Manaus, Brazil and travel up the Rio Negro to the town of Barcelos. ¬†Enjoy early morning wildlife viewings, visit local villages, and attend a local music and dance ¬†festival celebrating the ornamental fish of the region. Fish for Peacock Bass.

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Ski Expeditions to the Antarctic Peninsula

The Ice Axe team, with a decade of Antarctic expedition experience, brings their passion and knowledge of unique landings and first ski descents to your Antarctic voyage. Specializing in small sailboat charters and 120 passenger ice-strengthened adventure ships, our itineraries offer something for the avid adventure seeker and the thoughtful nature enthusiast alike.

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