Join veteran polar explorer, Doug Stoup on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure to the Geographic North Pole. Featured in film, television, magazines and newspapers, Doug’s ICE AXE Expeditions provide the ultimate experience — whether trekking or ‘flying-in’ to the top of the world.

Last Degree

Fly from Longyearbyen to Ice Station Barneo, then to one degree (70 miles out) from the Geographic North Pole. Depending on daily ice-drift, you’ll ski and camp for approximately a week on the top of the world.

Cost: €25,700

NP Ski

The North Pole 4-day ski program has all the adventure of a last degree trip condensed for those on a tighter schedule.

Cost: €23,900

Fly-In Direct

Get to the North Pole in a day! Fly from Longyearbyen to Ice Station Barneo, then take a helicopter to 89.599° North. Spend some quality time on the ice for photos and celebration and then return.

Cost: €16,900

V.I.P. Last Degree

ICE AXE Expeditions will arrange all travel, accomodations and logistics. All you do is book with us and we take care of every detail from clothing and gear to hotels and flights. Optional reception, media event and coverage available.

Cost: Inquire