Past Expeditions

From a ski perspective, the biggest highlights from this years trip include our team establishing new ski lines in an area our group explored last season, with an end of the trip polar powder session that will forever be etched into our collective memories. We left satiated, filled with gratitude, and even more aware of how much incredible ski exploration/potential is left in the region.

Join Ice Axe Expeditions and explore some of the highest and nicest volcanoes along the Chilean Andes

Spend your days ski touring and your nights enjoying the comfort of the Antarius Hotel or OMEGA sea cruise boat. This trip is an ideal way to discover the beauty, the riches and the extremes of Kamchatka.

Join us for a unique itinerary to the remote wilderness of the Antarctic Peninsula. Explore the White Continent’s untamed peaks and wildlife with a great mix of international adventurers, explorers and humanitarians. Discover Antarctica today.

Explore the untracked terrain of the Chugach. This is a rare opportunity to have limitless first descents and be part of the naming of an entire zone in this newly permitted ski touring area.

Join this intimate and exciting ski mountaineering expedition just 600 miles south of the North Pole. Explore Spitsbergen’s virtually untouched couloirs and fjords using the Yacht Jonathan IV as your luxury basecamp. Between objectives, take time to check out the area’s polar bears, whales, seals, dolphins and walruses.

Take your arctic challenge to the next level and join veteran polar explorer Doug Stoup on this 120 nautical mile trek to the Geographic North Pole. This expedition is not for the faint-hearted. Encounter the extraordinary and dramatic scenery of the far north, while pushing yourself both mentally and physically to the limit.

We used Svalbard as our departure point just as Amundsen, André and Byrd did before us for our attempt to ski to the Geographic North Pole. We departed from Longyearbyen on an Antonov 74 and traveled 600 miles to Ice Station Barneo. We then traveled via MI-8 Helicopter to one degree (70 miles out) from the Geographic North Pole and skied and camped for a week on the top of the world.

The 2015 Ice Axe Adventure Cruise is a wrap! With all “on sight” guiding, every day of this expedition was an adventuresome puzzle of figuring out how to get ashore, working with the boat, working with the Quark Expedition guides, keeping an eye on the weather and moving ice, looking for new terrain, revisiting classics and making the most of the wild environment.

Experience some of the most thrilling ski touring on the planet in central west Greenland while surrounded by unimaginable arctic beauty.

Doug Stoup successfully guides team members Anne Plizier and Peter Pauwels to the Geographic North Pole.

Another successful season of trips to the island of Spitsbergen, Norway. The Ice Axe team continues to explore this untracked landscape of beautiful wide open bowls, spines, steeps and couloirs while skiing down to arctic wildlife. Chris Davenport,Ingrid Backstrom, James Heim, Michelle Parker and photographer Christian Pondella join the team to film for Chris’s The Faces of Dav series.

Ice Axe successfully led another group of 119 skiers from 17 different countries to explore the Antarctic peninsula by ski and foot. The team skied great lines down penguins and to an ocean full of icebergs. During the six days on the Antarctic continent, the team skied 5 islands and touched down on the Antarctic continent.

Experience some of the most thrilling ski touring on the planet in central west Greenland while surrounded by unimaginable arctic beauty.

Ice Axe team spent 10 days exploring the Brazilian Amazon on paddle boards and in dugout canoes. Visited local villages, observed ancient petroglyphs, trekked in the jungle, and explored various river passages on the Rio Negro, Rio Branco and Amazon River.

Doug Stoup led 18 year old Parker Liautaud on a world record speed crossing from the coast of Antarctica (Leverett Glacier) 450 miles to the Geographic South Pole. The expedition started at Union Glacier and completed an overland Arctic Truck trip across Antarctica via the South Pole and down to the Leverett Glacier. The Arctic Truck Expedition took 6 days to drive 1100 miles; the ski record now stands at 18 days, 4 hours, and 43 minutes.

Doug Stoup guides Warren Miller athletes and crew to the pristine mountains of SW Greenland to film WME 64th film called

Stand Up Paddleboard Expedition, Rio Nego, Brazilian Amazon. Ice Axe led a team of adventurers on 10 day expedition on the Rio Negro. Activities included stand up paddleboarding (SUP), night paddleboarding, fly-fishing, rain and flooded forest hikes, and cultural village visits to deliver school supplies.

Doug Stoup completes his 17th Antarctic Peninsula trip with Ice Axe’s Antarctic Adventure Cruise from Ushuaia, Argentina to the Antarctic Peninsula. Ice Axe has 24 world class guides from all over the world leading 120 adventurers from 18 countries to trek, ski and explore the Antarctic Peninsula.

First ski descents and new terrain exploration for Freeskier Magazine team including Kim Havell, Matt Reardon, Sam Smoothy, Marcus Caston, Pete Gaston, Brian Warren, Andrew Eisenstark, Todd Offenbacher, Glen Poulsen, Brennan Lagasse, and photographer Gabe Rogel.

Doug Stoup successfully guided team members Karl Pettijohn and Vanessa O'Brien to the Geographic North Pole. The expedition was the completion of O’Brien's Explorer’s Grand Slam, which she completed in 11 months, making her the fastest women to complete the Grand Slam. This was Doug's 14th North Pole Expedition.

Ice Axe led another successful Arctic Ski and Sail aboard the sailing vessel Arctica II.The Warren Miller athlete and film crew joined Ice Axe above the Arctic Circle for first ski descents along the Spitsbergen coast. Featured in 2012 WME movie “Flow State” with athletes Jackie Paaso and Aurelien Decroz.

Doug Stoup was the Expedition Leader guiding South Pole Push team to the Geographic South Pole. The Push expedition covered 75 miles in up to -35 degree temperatures for nearly two weeks, with Grant pushing in a custom sit-ski built for the most inhospitable place on earth. Team reached the South Pole on January 17th, the 100-year anniversary, to the day, of one the Pole’s first explorers, Caption Robert F. Scott. Grant became the first paraplegic athlete to trek to the pole.

Ice Axe launches its first Arctic Circle Ski and Sail trip with great success aboard the sailing vessel Jonathan IV. Ice Axe led two teams for first ski descents along the Spitsbergen coast.

Ice Axe Adventure Cruise to the Antarctic Peninsula. The Ice Axe team brought 119 skiers and snowboarders to the Antarctic Peninsula for first ski and snowboard descents. Broadcasted live to classrooms around the world with student ambassadors.

Doug Stoup led 16-year old Parker Liautaud as he successfully became the youngest person to complete a Last Degree expedition to the Geographic North Pole.

First ski descents in the Atomfjella Mountains with Reggie Christ, Lexi DuPont, Tom Day, and Colin Witherill.