Pushing Forward

Expeditions, Two Feet on the Table — By on April 15, 2009 at 1:17 pm
Team Pulll
Audio Dispatch from Doug Stoup:

Envoi en Francais:

Temperature: -26C, -36 with windchill
Distance Travelled: 20 Nautical Miles


  • Maurice & Di says:

    Another hugely impressive day. .. and leaving the competition in your wake! Good luck for tomorrow..p.s Man U through to semi finals having beaten Porto by a goal!xx

  • Charles & Jo says:

    Well done but remember “a poor man this if full of care we have no time to stand and stare”.
    Keep trucking!

  • Kitty, Lily & Gracie says:

    Very proud! And very excited if you come home sooner!

  • Mike Clarke says:

    Incredible progress …. only the ‘Hampshire’ Peleton could make it seem a piece of cake! Only a fantastically strong team could do it.
    Did the Oakhaven 10 k on Sunday – somewhat less arduous I have to say!

  • Brigitte says:


  • amanda says:

    That sounds brilliant to me, listened to Doug today sounds like you are doing really well…..keep up the good dragging

    Lots of love mum xxx

  • Thurier Fanfan says:

    Coucou henri!!
    on t’a entendu. heureuses que tout se passe bien, profite profite profite, éclatez vous bien
    neige, soleil….+froid!
    prend des coup de soleil pour nous parce que à cannes c’est le déluge:)

    Bizoux Margotte paupau et fanfan

  • Cathy, Marie-Rose, says:

    super pour vous, félicitations pour l’exploit, bon à bientôt et bonne suite…

    bises des LE BRIS