Pushing Through on Thin Ice

Expeditions, True North — By on April 6, 2009 at 4:14 pm


Audio Dispatch from Michael Mitten:

Audio Dispatch from Doug Stoup:

Position:  89, 41.287  North
153,51.515 East

Temperature: -27C with windchill -32C
Distance travelled: 9.8 Nautical miles


  • Jo Turnbull says:

    Wow – well done so far Michael. I’m sure you are remembering all the lessons learned to date and are keeping your spirits up with reminders of how proud and in awe everyone is of you! Stay safe. Jx

  • Mam says:

    Not far to go now. Just keep plodding on. You must be very excited to be actually nearly there. x

  • Sally & Luke says:

    ho’way man! just keep gannin! nearly there! Sure your hands will be better when they are round a nice mug of hot tea 🙂
    Lots of love to you Sally & Luke x x x

  • Nick and Sue McCarty says:

    Terrific, Michael and Doug…hope your hands are okay now, Michael…Right enough at least to hold a glass! Wonderful achievement….!

  • Greg Kemp says:

    well done mate..cant believe you have done it..what a fantastic acheivement..Everyone will be very proud of you..