Cold weather, but good spirits

Two and a Half Men — By on April 14, 2012 at 8:50 pm

Listen to the latest audio dispatch below!


  • Bronwyn says:

    Keep trekking boys. Glad to hear your still having fun . Love The stay at home hulls xxx

  • Sue Page says:

    Hey guys – you sound great keep up the good work and stay warm!!!

  • Kenny Mann says:

    Any polar bears yet?

  • Greg Wallace says:

    Go boys go! Glad to hear there’s more embarrassing moments of Hully on video! Make the most of it. Hope you’re enjoying the taper ahead of the run at the Pole. Has Frank had the chance to paddle board yet???

  • Brett Borgman says:

    I agree with Greg cant wait to see Hully’s ice adventures on
    You Tube,
    Take care guys nearly there
    The Borgo’s