Getting ready to board the last couple of flights!

Two and a Half Men — By on April 11, 2012 at 8:15 am


  • Raelene Freestone says:

    Good luck Michael, I will follow this as well as Bronnies updates, I am sure you will all do well, best wishes, Raels x

  • An Ox on EPO says:

    Be safe boys and remember polar bears are NOT Erik dressed up in a white fleece.

    Be safe and make sure FF finishes dead last in the NP marathon….He will NEVER live that down injury or otherwise!!!!

  • Sue Page says:

    Hey Michael Good to see you are enjoying some of that white cold stuff!! That is why I live in Australia now!! Have a greeat adventure and I look forward to hearing all the real and made up stories!! :)Sue xx

  • Karen Law says:

    Enjoy the experience Michael, remember anyone can not do it.