Antarctic Peninsula 2009

Participant Testimonials

Read what the 2009 Antarctica trip’s participants thought of their experience on the peninsula with Ice Axe Expeditions.

Fred & Barbara Ilfeld - Antarctica Expedition 2009

Fred & Barbara Ilfeld

To have an outstanding adventure vacation one needs outstanding leadership, and indeed this is what we experienced with Ice Axe on our skiing and trekking trip to the Antarctic Peninsula. Doug Stoup’s leadership skills are unparalleled in our experience. He scouts out and intimately knows the place where we are heading. He can accurately assess the strengths and weaknesses of the participants. He knows how to have fun, yet can mark clear boundaries for safety. But most of all, Doug has two intangible but essential qualities of leadership that set him apart from most others—caring, really deep caring, for the members of his group, and accurate judgment when making critical decisions. Thank you, Doug, for this trip of a lifetime.

Robert Frohlich

As a veteran outdoor adventure journalist of 30 years I’ve prided myself on my travels – whether it be heavy weather Trans oceanic crossings; climbing forbidding peaks; skiing Yosemite backcountry, or expeditions into Central American rainforests.

My wonderful and high-octane adventures to Antarctica with expedition leader Doug Stoup during the Ice Axe 2009 Ski Cruise made any of my past accomplishments pale in comparison.

From the moment I stepped aboard our ship headed toward the “White Continent” I knew that my life would never be the same, only richer in experience.

From first sightings, the Antarctic Peninsula proved so otherworldly it was as if our ship had wandered through a window into a prehistoric earth that wore the aspect of an unknown planet.

Indeed, it was astonishing: a world of surpassing beauty, so perfect and intense that at first I couldn’t imagine my return to modern life. But what really made this a trip of a lifetime wasn’t as much the splendid Southern Oceanic scenery and wildlife, but the fun, safe and professional leadership of Doug Stoup and his staff.

My goal is to return to Antarctica with Doug for more adventures and good times. If only more guide services offered such complete and rewarding trips!

Marie Louise Mandl - Ice Axe Antarctica Expedition participant

Marie Louise Mandl

Prior to even leaving home, my expectations for this trip were already sky-high, but I couldn’t have even fathomed how magnificent this trip would truly end up being. The Antarctic will take your breath away with its natural beauty and enchanting wildlife. Ice Axe’s professionalism as well as their commitment to make everybody’s trip one that will always be remembered, also soared beyond my expectations. I am already plotting how I can get back there with them in 2011.

Rick Winfield - Ice Axe Antarctica Expedition participant

Rick Winfield

Put together a crew of people that spend their lives going on “trips of a lifetime” and take them on a trip that raises the bar so high that the only downside is we’re all wondering how we’re ever going to top it.  That’s what Ice Axe did in Nov 2009!

Brian O'Neill, Ice Axe Antarctica Expedition parcitipant

Brian O’Neill

Having skied Russia, the Alps, Alaska, Argentina and most places in between, I can say with great pride that skiing in Antarctica was the trip of a lifetime! The overall experience took my breath away and, as we left this magical place, I found myself already searching for ways to return as soon as possible. Ice Axe’s professionalism and commitment to sharing life enriching experiences was a major factor in the success of this trip. Doug Stoup is a master orchestrator!

Jeremy Jones - Ice Axe Antarctica Expedition 2009 participant

Jeremy Jones

My trip with Ice Axe Expeditions was one of the best trips I have ever been on.  Antarctica is a winter fantasy land and the snowboard experience was like nothing I have ever done.

John Wilcox, Ice Axe Antarctica 2009 trip participant

John Wilcox

I was thrilled to be a participant in the Ice Axe 2009 Antarctic Ski Expedition.  It was the adventure of a lifetime for me!  The folks at Ice Axe did a fabulous job organizing and executing an incredibly complex expedition.  There was excellence in the performance of the guides, the cruise staff and the ship’s crew, and safety was always an important component.  An unexpected bonus was that I was very surprised and thrilled by the beauty of the mountains, the ice, the wildlife, the sunsets.  I checked Antarctic cruise prices for comparable cruises, and the Ice Axe trip was significantly less costly than others I saw.  Finally, the enjoyment of the trip was hugely enhanced by the spirit and positive attitude of the participants themselves–the whole experience was twice as fun because of who we were with!