South Pole
Full Expedition

Ski the last 120 nautical miles to the South Pole through the highest, driest, windiest, and coldest continent to reach where all 360 lines of longitude meet.

Expedition Overview

Do you have a polar dream that has never been done before? Ice Axe has been working with adventurers for over 15 years to make polar goals a reality; we’ve led new routes to the pole, pioneered new transportation technologies, provided support to help the the first spinal cord-injured athlete in history to ski the Last Degree to the pole, and assisted a blind and deaf adventurer from Hercules Inlet. No dream is too big.

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Most expeditions will start and end in Punta Arenas, Chile although depending on the objective, expeditions can begin and end in South Africa.

Cost Budget proposals provided upon request
Date 2017
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South Pole Full Expedition

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