Trek For Peace – North Pole 2010

On April 11 2010, Doug Stoup, Dennis Garcia, and Jack Ashton will begin their expedition to the North Pole as part of a trek for peace.

For Dennis, this adventure will complete his goal to walk to both the North and South Poles, a challenge only accomplished by an exclusive group of less than 100 adventurers on the planet. Jack will be using this year's expedition as training for a more ambitious expedition he has planned for February 2011; a 600 mile trip from Ward Hunt Island, Canada to the Geographic North Pole. This will be Doug’s 10th expedition to the Geographic North Pole.

The temperatures at the pole this year are warmer than ever recorded. The team will likely face thin ice conditions and open water leads which will add to the challenges already present; large pressure ridges, up to -50°C temperatures, and drifting ice. The team could easily fall victim to the treadmill effect, travelling long days pulling their sleds towards the pole, only to have their efforts undermined by the ice beneath their feet drifting in the opposite direction. An expedition of this kind demands an intense level of physical and mental fitness. Follow their trek and listen to their daily dispatches here.

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