Ice Axe Foundation Partners with Bob Barboza and Kids Talk Radio

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Doug Stoup has been working closely with Bob Baroza and Kids Talk Radio in Long Beach, CA. Doug and Bob are working together to bring students on adventurers to the Antarctic Peninsula and the Amazon Rainforest this coming fall and winter. The program will take students from Long Beach and Watts, CA to the Antarctic Peninsula in November and to the Amazon Rainforest this Jan/ Feb. The program has a full  Biology and Journalism curriculum. The students will film and send LIVE video feeds back to classrooms around the US and Canada.

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  • Bob Barboza says:

    Greetings Doug:

    At this point we have kids following your adventures all over the world. We just came back from Japan and now we have some new Kids Talk Radio backpack journalist following your science adventures. Keep us posted on your most recent trip to the North Pole. We want to hear all about those bad weather conditions and how thick or thin the ice is. Stay warm my friend.